Saturday, August 27, 2011

Surname Saturday - The Bagot Lineage

The following information was included with our copy of the family tree compiled by Garry Toomey. There are also several very interesting links about this family branch to be found on the internet including...
The Irish Branch of the Bagot family 

1.......... Patrick Bagot, born abt. 1518; died abt. 1553 in Bagotstown, County Limerick. He married Maria O'Dwyer, born abt.1520.
                                          son - Edmund

2.........Edmund Bagot, born abt. 1545; died abt, 1623 in Bagotstown, County Limerick, Ireland. He married Honora Bourke, born abt, 1550
                                          son - James

3..........James Bagot, born abt. 1577; died abt 1635 in Ballinstown, County Limerick, Ireland. He married (2) abt, 1595, Ellen Purcell. 
                                           son - Edward

4...........Edward Bagot, born abt. 1620 in Harristown, Kings County, Ireland; died abt 1711 in Waterstown, County Kildare, Ireland.
Royal Commissioner of Kings County - 1663
High Sheriff of County Kildare - 1667
He married (2) abt. 1659 , Catherine Colbourne, born abt. 1622 in Great Connell, County Kildare, Ireland; died 1691
                                       son - Christopher

5.............Christopher Bagot, born abt. 1665; died before 1737. Married (2) in 1704, Catherine Fitzgerald, born in Kilmead, County Kildare, Ireland.
                                       son - John

6. ...........John Bagot, born abt. 1705; died 5 June, 1753 in Nurney Castle, Ireland. He married (2) on 26 August 1736 in Riverstown, County Kildare, Ireland, Alicia Browne, born abt 1720 in Riverstown, County Kildare; died 5 June 1756 in Riverstown, County Kildare, Ireland.
                                       daughter - Temperance

7..............Temperance Bagot, born 24 July 1737 in Nurney Castle, County Kildare, Ireland; died 1789 in Foxhill (near Athy), County Kildare, Ireland. She married in 1754 in County Kildare, James Hoysted, born 1731 in County Kildare; died 1789 in Foxhill, County Kildare - son of Thomas and Rose (nee Naughton) Hoysted.
                                        son - John

8..............John Hoysted, born abt. 1775 in Foxhill, County Kildare; died 1808 in Walterstown, County Kildare. Buried at Kildangan, County Kildare. He married (2)  Anne Richardson, born abt. 1760 in Athy, County Kildare; died abt.1795.
                                        daughter - Temperance

9.......Temperance Hoysted married Mark Toomey.

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