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Richard Hayter Jarvis, Esq - 1801 - 1877

Born  -  20 December, 1801 - Westminster, London, England. 

Richard Hayter was the first child of Richard and Anne Jarvis.

Baptism - 23 February, 1802 - St James, Westminster, London, England

St James Church
Source Citation: Place: Westminster, London, England; Collection: St James; -; Date Range: 1791 - 1816; Film Number: 1042309.

Richard spent his early years in Westminster and Willesden  and would follow his father into the family business.

Marriage - Richard Hayter Jarvis & Caroline Ferguson were married on the 29 August, 1829 at St Mary's Church, Willesden.

Caroline was the daughter of William and Frances Ferguson. She was born 17 June, 1810 and she and her sister, Frances were baptised on the 10 July, 1810 at St Marylebone Church, London.

Richard & Caroline's first home was at 139 Long Acre.

1841 Census.........Richard, Caroline , five of their children and Richard's sister Eleanor are at Broadwater in Sussex. This is a small village close to the coast so presumably they were on holiday.

1843 - London Post Office Directory

Jarvis, Richard & Son, Undertakers, 139 Long Acre

1851 Census.......Richard, Caroline and seven of their nine children at 139 Long Acre along with two house servants and a nursemaid. Richard snr has died and Richard now describes himself as a 'Master Undertaker employing 7 men and 50 occasional men'. Fifty! Business is obviously booming as funerals   become more and more expensive and ostentatious.

Interesting reading - Victorian Funerals and Mourning

The younger children are being educated at home which suggests private tutors or governesses.
It would not be long before the family moved to a new home in which they would live for about 10 years.

1851 London Post Office Directory

Jarvis Rd. & Son, Undertakers & Funeral Feathermen, 139 Long Acre

1856......London Post Office Directory

24 Dorset Square - Jarvis, Richard Hayter, Esq.

A Dorset Square residence today
Dec 5 ,1855 - elected Fellow of the Geological Society of London.

London Gazette March 1860........commissions signed by the Lord Lieutentant of the County of Middlesex - Queen's (Westminster) Rifle Volunteer Corps..

Richard Hayter Jarvis, Gent., to be Lieutenant. Dated 3 March, 1860

I have no idea what that means but in September he resigns....again in the London Gazette. Presumably the resignation was necessary because the family was moving out of London.

22nd Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps.
The Queen has been graciously pleased to
accept the resignation of the Commission held
in this Corps by Lieutenant Richard Hayter Jarvis. 

1861 Census..........Holmesdale House, Horton Kirby, Kent

By the middle of the 19th century London's ever-growing population, frequent cholera outbreaks and the stench from the Thames made it a less and less desirable place to live and Richard has made the move to Kent. On the census form N/A is listed as occupation - today we'd say he had retired but in 1861 it meant he'd made enough money to live on for the rest of his life and he could sit back and be a gentleman. The business passed into the hands of his eldest son Richard Ferguson Jarvis .

1871 Census........... as yet I haven't been able to locate their whereabouts but at some time after 1865 they moved to the Old Parsonage, Sutton at Hone, a village about 2 miles south of Dartford in Kent.

Richard Hayter Jarvis died at the Old Parsonage on  1 January, 1877, aged 75 years, and was buried in the churchyard at Sutton at Hone - Plot 107 , a coped cross -

Richard Hayter JARVIS of this Parish born 20 December 1801 died January 1 1877

The complete lack of any sentimental inscription seems strange for the time. Whether that was his wish or a sign of how his family felt can't be known but I do wonder why Caroline is not buried beside him.

1881 Census - Caroline is still living at the Old Parsonage with her second son, Edward, who must have retired from the Merchant Navy as they both list under occupation - Houses, Dividends etc....i.e. independent means. Also visiting is son Alfred's eldest daughter, eight year old Ada.

Caroline Jarvis died at the Old Parsonage on 8 Jan, 1885 . I have not been able to find where she is buried.

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